Frankie Beverly & Maze:
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Maze was established in Philadelphia in the early 1970’s. The band can more or less be considered as the project of former The Butlers, and later Raw Soul, member Frankie Beverly; being songwriter, producer, arranger, singer, keyboardist and guitarist.

Frankie Beverly’s smooth, distinct voice is instantly recognized, and Maze’s laid-back, bass driven musical arrangements differ a lot from other soul acts. Their signature sound is especially vivid on the classic "Live in New Orleans".

Maze signed a contract with Capitol Records in 1976, and released their debut LP, “Maze featuring Frankie Beverly”, in 1977. They had great success with the debut and the following albums “Golden Time of Day” (1978), “Inspiration” (1979) and “Joy and Pain” (1980).

Their most acclaimed recording is “Live in New Orleans” (three quarters of which was recorded at the Saenger Theatre November 14-15, 1980). By now the band had a reputation as one of the best live acts in American soul music, also enjoying a great following in United Kingdom. In 1989, they released the hit album “Silky soul”, the excellent “Back to Basics” album in 1993, and a live recording at London's Hammersmith Odeon in 1994. In October 2005 Maze finished a US tour.


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