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Garth Brooks Tickets

Garth Brooks Country music singer and songwriter, Garth Brooks is making a huge comeback! 


At each concert, Brooks and crew return to the stage and perform "The Fever". Brooks dances on a conveyor belt as the drummer's sphere rises above the stage. He may also perform acoustic covers of songs like "Amarillo By Morning", "Night Moves", and "Piano Man". Regardless, the encore set commonly concludes with the band returning to perform "Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)"


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Studio albums

Garth Brooks (1989)

No Fences (1990)

Ropin' the Wind (1991)

The Chase (1992)

Beyond the Season (1992)

In Pieces (1993)

Fresh Horses (1995)

Sevens (1997)

Garth Brooks in.... The Life of Chris Gaines (1999)

Garth Brooks and the Magic of Christmas (1999)

Scarecrow (2001)

Man Against Machine (2014)

Christmas Together (with Trisha Yearwood) (2016)

Gunslinger (2016)


Concert tours and residencies

The Garth Brooks World Tour (1993–94)

The Garth Brooks World Tour (1996–98)

Garth at Wynn (2009–14)

The Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood (2014–present)

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